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  • Poor paper quality
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  • Nontransparent pricing system

Out of a large number of services who’ve decided to test the bidding waters and let their customers take the role over choosing writers, seems to have the biggest number of writers we’ve seen at this point. This is what the website says and we could not find information that says otherwise because the most comments of students mention many bids when they place their orders.

This would be great news since customers get many different choices to select from when they need a paper. But there is one grand issue that arises here: how does the company choose so many writers and are they all qualified to write the papers they bid on?

That’s exactly what we are trying to discover with this review. Read on to get more detailed information.

List of Services

This is the pros of the bidding system: unlimited choice of services. There isn’t anything you can’t order from EssayShark, so have your pick from the list or select ‘other’ and give specific instructions. Whilst they don’t seem to guarantee bidders or a minimum number of bids, you can be sure that there will be bids based on the reputation of many bidders they enjoy.

While this reputation is very good, the one for quality is very low. This was a red flag for us, so we proceeded with the review.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

When they say lowest prices, they mean it. Out of the many bidders in our case, most were with some prices we could not find elsewhere and were obviously too good to be true. The range wasn’t all that big as we thought it would be since bidders seem to be competing at who will write for a lower price here, not the other way around.

That being said, it is a cheap, cheap service. There are no discounts based on the system this company works on, but that shouldn’t be any problem for customers because they can select the price they find appropriate for the content.
The very concerning thing about this part was that the bidders we got were all with excellent qualifications, which almost makes it impossible to make a choice. They all had similarly high scores, so there wasn’t much difference between the high bids and the low bids. Naturally, we did what any student would do in our case – we chose a lower bid to actually get the low prices Essay Shark puts an accent on when marketing the company.

Quality Evaluation

Our quality evaluation yielded bad results. Why? For the price we paid, we should have seen it coming a paper written by a person with bad English and poor writing skills, without referenced sources and a bit of plagiarism. However, the writer’s profile indicated the very opposite of this, and even told us that the writer has received awards for his skills!

This was frustrating and very unfair. The large number of writers probably makes it hard for the company to do a specific selection in the hiring process, but it is sure better to have less great bidders than dozens of bidders with fake profiles. From our experience and the words of many who have ordered before us, doesn’t really do its job when it comes to checking writers’ background and letting them create and share their profiles.

Customer Support

After the very bad experience we had, we naturally decided to ask for a refund. The paper was worse than we imagined and while the rate was very low, it was still money wasted on nothing. There was no way to repair a paper that was barely comprehensive, not to mention without any indication about where the information came from, and plagiarism in many parts in it.

We told all this to the agent who responded the same minute when we contacted them on the live chat. This agent was friendly and very prompt in her answers, but we found out that the company doesn’t serve as such a great mediator in such cases. They said they’ll ask for a refund and inform us on when we will receive it by e-mail, and after a whole week, we still haven’t received a revision confirmation.

For the points we made in our complaint, we were more than entitled to get a revision with a fast turnaround from another, more experienced writer. And since the profile of the writer was misleading and untrue in many ways, we expected to be refunded for the paper we ordered. This never happened, making us disappointed from the service of the support center, as well as the company in general.