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If you are reading this EssayOnTime review, you are probably considering to hire a writing service to help you out. We believe this is a good idea, because our research of Essay On Time proved to be extremely productive. Beginning from the website design and ending with a paper quality evaluation, we have concluded that may be worth trying out after all.

The site does not look extremely professional, but we find design to be the last concern of a customer. The information on the site is very clear and detailed, making it possible for you to learn everything you need to know before you make an order.

List of Services

Offering a broad range of writing and editing services, did well in meeting all the needs of its customers. This source of academic assistance not only serves those from the highest to the lowest level, but also combines a wide-ranging list of papers to choose from.

All papers are split into 5 categories – 3 for writing, one for assignments, and one for editing services. Writing services include academic writing (essays, term papers, research papers, coursework, case studies, reaction papers, article critiques, and more), admission services (admission essay, personal statement, and scholarship essay), as well as thesis and dissertation services.

The editing category comprises of editing and proofreading of papers you already have written, while the assignments category gathers those papers that are rarely find in other companies’ websites, such as programming, PowerPoint presentations, and statistics projects.

We could not think of a service that is not in this list, but if you have one, the company welcomes special requests. Their customer service is available at all times, and the company seems to accept very urgent orders of only 3 hours.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

Looking at the pricelist raised many concerns for us, and some questions regarding the reputation that follows The prices seem to be way too high for the company to be so widely used and yet, this is clearly the case if you count the number of testimonials online.

But, if you take the time to examine the prices and calculate them with the discounts, you will find it much clearer why the service is so widely recognized. For example, the price for a paper within 10 days is $21.99, $23.99, or $26.99, depending on the quality you choose. This price is high, but the discounts make it much more attractive. When you order 15 pages, you get bronze membership and a discount of 5%. Once you order 51 page, you get 10% discount, and 100 pages get you 15% discount on every order.

If you consider that 15% are also given to new-time customers, it turns out that a customer rarely pays the full price at In fact, if your paper exceeds 15 pages, you immediately get the loyalty program starting discount with the second purchase.

Payment is secured and processed without an issue, and the company mentions a refund policy in case something goes wrong.

Quality Evaluation

None of the above would carry any importance unless we can confirm the quality of papers. Feedback indicates that quality is great at EssayOnTime, but we could not possibly vouch for a company before we get a paper from them.

So, our next mission was to order a paper. In this case, we got an essay of Premium quality because this seems to be the most popular option among customers. It is understandable – the Premium quality comes with more benefits than the Standard, applies for higher levels, and the price between the two is almost unnoticeable.

Luckily, we did not need to purchase the Platinum quality paper, so we saved some money and made the right decision. The platinum quality would apply to the highest level – PhD, while for Masters, we found Premium to be quite enough. With the discount of 15%, we are happy to say we got a much nicer price than expected.

The paper was of exceptional quality – well proofread, carefully written, and 100% original.

Customer Support

When the quality is as good and the website is informative, customers don’t really need a customer support agent to assist them with anything. But, just in case you have some questions, we checked the support system to give you a report as to how they work.

You can use the live chat option as a free and highly effective method of communication with the agents of We contacted them to ask for some help with the ordering form, even though it was very easy. Believe it or not, the agent called us to guide us step by step, which was unexpected and a very pleasant surprise!

The response time is excellent, and the service is impeccable.


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