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  • Prices a bit high

If a discount of 25% doesn’t convince a customer to choose a service, we don’t know what will! The company has made a very attractive offer that allows customers to test the service at a greatly reduced price. This made it very easy and affordable for us to write our college-paper review. For such low prices, we did not anticipate such fine results.

To start our research for this review, we began with a bit of an ‘investigation’ of their website. The site looks excellent and loads rapidly, so you shouldn’t have any troubles finding the information you need. The blog is a little outdated, which is a small disadvantage, but the content published on it is of high quality.

List of Services

The list of services is exactly what you need to be looking for – filled with the papers you will need often, and those who are assigned when you least expect them. You wouldn’t want to be rushing to find another company because the one you order from isn’t able to write a paper from you.

Sure, it is not the end of the world to choose a company with a more limited list, but this would make you lose loyalty points when you order your papers elsewhere. The considerable list at will allow you to be a loyal member and build on your lifelong discounts. That’s of course, if you like what they have to offer.

At this point, we are satisfied with what we see on the website. College-paper offers academic writing, thesis & dissertation writing, admission services, editing services, and even assignments like programming, multiple choice questions and math/statistics/economics problems. With such a vast range, you shouldn’t have to look elsewhere for help.

On the services page you can also find some useful tips for students who study in the most prestigious universities. We find such tips to be extremely helpful, so make sure to check them out.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

At first, prices seemed a bit extravagant when compared to the market, but wait until you see the discounts. If the 25% discount for first offer sounded good, so will the loyalty program. With the loyalty program you can get up to 15% on all orders, so basically, you don’t ever have to pay the high prices on the table.

And that’s not all. Customers at are given the chance to pick between three quality options. However, the standard is recommended for the lower academic levels only, so if you are a Masters or PhD students, we don’t recommend this option. The most popular one seems to be the Premium option, because it offers quality for all academic levels, and more benefits than the Standard quality.

The platinum quality option is of course, the most beneficial, with several additional features that include quality control of the paper. Fortunately, the difference between the three is minimal, so you’d have to spend extra dollar or two per page if you decide to opt for a higher quality option.

For example, a paper could cost you $21.99, $23.99 or $25.99 per page within 5 days, respectively.

Quality Evaluation

The great special offers and reduced prices would be worth nothing if the quality were bad, but this is not the case with Our quality evaluation presented excellent results. We ordered a research paper of Premium quality to see if this option is good enough for Master’s academic level, and we confirmed that it is. The writer was an expert in the field, which was evident because of the sources and materials used on such short notice.

Within only a day, the writer managed to write a 10-page paper, format it and proofread it according to our instructions.

Customer Support

The support system is more than responsive – it is excellent! The agent, Myra, responded within a minute after we sent out a request. She was not only fast, but also very informed on the policies of the company, so we got answers without having to wait. And the answers were definitely written by a real agent, not a bot.

Due to our great experience, the only time we got in touch with the agents was during the ordering process. This confirmed that they are available 24/7 and prepared to assist you to fill the ordering form.


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