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  • none is one of the oldest writing services on the market, which makes it highly experienced in providing academic assistance. In order to stay in line with the new popular writing services, this company had to hire new experts and train the old ones to be able to deliver on today’s requirements of the educational system.

This bestessays review serves to show you how much the company has achieved throughout the ages. Does the experience make this service better than others? According to feedback online, the company is extremely popular among students, and their website is very professional, too. Learn this and much more in our review.

List of Services

If you check the full services list on the free calculator right on the homepage, you will find that this company offers an exhaustive list of academic papers. In addition to writing, customers can choose between editing, formatting and proofreading, as well as purchase less popular services such as programming assignments, SWOT analysis, multimedia projects, etc.

Such a lengthy list of services allows you to use the same provider throughout your entire education. Most students need academic assistance at least a couple of times during their education, so stumbling across a website that offers it all is a real blessing.

In addition to this, this is a service that offers assistance to students of all ages, and provides instant papers within as short a timeline as 3 hours.

Of course, this is only one advantage of the writing service. This company is a great fit if and only the remaining features of the company are excellent. Let’s see what the prices and quality here are like.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

When we first saw the prices on the website, we thought ‘this is an expensive writing service’. And it is no wonder if you think the same, since the cheapest rate you can get here is $19.99 per page. However, once we learned about the discount programs offers, we changed our minds almost instantly.

You can choose between the three quality options when ordering your paper: standard, premium and platinum. As you probably know already, platinum quality comes at a highest rate. Fortunately, the difference in price between the three quality options is minor.

In addition to the discounts offered here, also has some excellent special offers that are combined with specific order choices. For example, you can save 75% off professional proofreading if you order your paper of Premium quality and within a deadline of 5 days.

Finally, the part you are probably waiting from since you heard about the high rates- the discounts. As a first-time customer, you are entitled to a nice discount of 15% on your first order, which makes for a significantly reduced rate and what sounds like an affordable offer. Returning customers can enjoy 5%, 10% or 15% lifelong discounts they are entitled to after the 15th ordered page.

Quality Evaluation

We decided to go for a more popular academic paper, in this case a term paper, to check the quality this company provides on regular basis. With the added discount, this paper turned out to be very affordable, and an excellent fit for the quality we choose.

When we got the paper from the writer, we were more than happy with the content. The term paper was written in a style that exceeded our expectations, and we find one minor mistake that was forgotten in the proofreading process. We decided not to send the paper for a revision, since the content was one of the best we have seen on the writing market.

Customer Support

We used the live chat option to get in touch with the company’s agents and thank them for the paper. The agent who replied, Peter, was a very professional and friendly person, which only confirms what customers say about this company’s customer service – it is one of the best features of their website.

In our conversation, we only mentioned the mistake we found in the paper, and the agent immediately apologized and asked if we needed a free revision. We, of course, told him there is no need for it, but the offer was much appreciated. Most companies forget all about their promises and guarantees as soon as they take your money.


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