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Review of Papersowl Service

You have a paper to be written, ask for anything you want, then get to choose the writer. This sounds excellent, but does it really work? In our expertise, the bidding system has its flaws and advantages, but whether it actually works or not depends on how well the writing company is managing it. is one such service and because of it, we approach it by looking into the key features of all companies that deliver content: the services, prices, support and of course, the quality. Let’s see what our research discovered.

List of Services

As we said, there are some advantages and flaws of this system. And while the unlimited choice of papers and instructions you can give is a definite and large pro, the issue with lack of bidders can always arise and it is not covered with a guarantee. At least not here. So, basically, you don’t have a guarantee that bidders will be willing to do your paper, nor can you know how many of the writers will bid and whether all who bid have what it takes to write it.

The choice is left to the customer, which is a big obligation and a serious thing to consider. You can’t rush into this because from what we know at this point, in such companies everyone bids, even those who aren’t really experts in the specific niche, field or paper you are requesting. Unlike services who take over this part and choose the writer they know is best, your job here is to look into their writers’ profiles based on who bid on the order and choose the one you deem most fitting.

It can be interesting, but also time-consuming and if you are not careful, it can be bad for the outcome.

Pricing, Discounts & Payment Policy

The pricing part is the definite best about bidding companies and probably the top reason why students decide to go for choosing their writer in the first place. Based on the bids and your budget, you can make a choice of a writer and a price. You are the only person deciding how much you’ll pay and such companies are known for their grand differences in bids and very low rates.

Papersowl is known to produce many bids, which is an advantage for sure. That also means many prices to consider and bidders to look into, so the company can be very cheap for you if you decide for the lowest bids. There are, however, no discounts to expect even if you are a regular, but the chance to choose between different rates is pretty much as advantageous than a discount.

Quality Evaluation

This is the part where everything we found out about the company went to waste. Despite the opportunity to get everything at a rate you can afford to pay, learning that the profiles aren’t reliable was the worst thing we could learn about That’s exactly what happened to us.

We made a very specific order for a term paper and even though it was very complex, it resulted in dozens of different bids, some cheaper than we expected to get. Even the cheaper bids were from writers who seemed to have it all: experience, rating, and great profiles. We were very pleased to see that you can get such expertise at such unbelievable rate, so we went for it.

The results were devastating for us. The paper was not just poorly written – the language used was terrible. It was more than obvious that the profile of the writer wasn’t real and that this was one big scam. And while we found no plagiarism, there was no revision by the same writer that could repair the damage made from poor English and writing skills at the same time.

Customer Support

This experience could make everyone frustrated, so as many of the customers who left feedback explaining their experience on the Internet, we also contacted the support for help. In bidding companies, the support is a mediator that fixes problems, and they offered us one solution when we did this – a free revision. We had to wait for four days for that revision which eventually yielded no better results, which is when we demanded a refund.

We didn’t get any refund, nor did they provide another revision from a different writer. Based on the finding that the service doesn’t check writers’ background when they create their profiles, this was even less professional on their behalf.

The unlimited services list and cheap rates cannot possibly cover for the poor paper quality and support that takes no responsibility for it. While some things are good about, our experience did not allow us to rate it high after the research.