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Essaysoft is not exactly a writing services provider. As we could understand from the main site, it is an essay software generator. According to them, the software will help you create just as many unique and creative essays as you wish. You need to pay some subscription and then you can use the software. However, things are little more complex than that.

In our opinion, no software can take the place of the creative human mind. Software generated academic papers will always look and feel robotic, so your chances of success are greatly reduced. In this essaysoft review we will help you understand all the aspects on how this service works and whether or not it can help you in any way.

Services Provided by Essay Soft

Most genuine essaysoft reviews mention that this company does not even offer any services. We found that there is a Software section available on the home page, and there they enlist the types of software you can purchase, depending in what type of academic paper you need. For example, they offer the following software solutions:

  • Essay Master
  • Essay Generator
  • Essay Bibliography
  • Essay Researcher
  • Essay Rewriter
  • Essay Shuffler

We consider these types of services quite fake. Firstly, essay shuffler and essay rewriter are one and the same type of service. Both refer to taking a text and then scrambling or mixing it and creating something different. Then, we were quite disappointed by the fact that on the home page they do not describe each service as they should. For example, we cannot understand how this software works. Do you need to download software or use the software available/embedded on the site? Essay Soft sounds good as an idea, but we are not sure the software itself is such a good thing in practice.

What About Prices At EssaySoft

In this Essay Soft review we will be as honest as possible. We always like to discuss the prices charged by a company, so that students will know what to expect. If you want to use the essay soft software to create academic papers, you have three different payment plans you can choose from. There is the cheapest Monthly plan which costs $9.99. The biggest problem is that they do not say what is included in this plan. What are students getting for this amount? We consider this is not fair play, because the customer needs to know exactly what is included in his monthly subscription plan.

Next, we have the yearly plan which costs $69.99 and then we have the Lifetime plan which costs $99.95. We consider that using is quite tricky, because you will not know exactly what you are paying for. Any trustworthy writing services provider should clearly enlist all the benefits and features included in a package, whether your essay is written by a writer or by a software.

Discounts Policy at EssaySoft Overview

There are absolutely no discounts available, and this is also mentioned in most essay soft reviews. Most customers complain that they do not get first order discounts, or scale based discounts. The highly reliable companies always offer the scale based discounts of 5%, 10% and 15% respectively, depending on the number of pages ordered.

Then, essay soft also does not offer any free features. You will just have to pay your subscription and you will not get any extra deal or helpful feature.

Special features

In this review we will disclose to you all the special features this company offers. We can tell you from the start there are not many great deals or features available. They have a list where they mention offering the following:

  • Unlimited use of your software, after you paid the subscription. In our opinion this is not an extra feature, because once you pay for any software anywhere on this planet you can use it whenever you like and for how long you want
  • Unlimited access through any type of browser- again, not a special feature. This is just normal that you can access the software through any browser
  • 7-day refund guarantee. If you are not satisfied with the results, you will get your money back
  • Priority support on a 24/7 basis
  • No software restrictions guarantee


We absolutely do not recommend the use of this site for any academic papers. The descriptions of their services are very vague, and you cannot understand what you get for your money. Then, there are no samples that you can check at least to see the quality generated by such software. In fact, they do not offer anything but they expect you to trust them and subscribe with $100 per year.

Our suggestion is to look for a reliable and genuine writing services company. There, they can offer you great quality papers written by people and not by a software. The price will be affordable too. Stay away from