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Review of Service


  • Big list of services

  • Loyalty program for regular customers


  • Poor paper quality

  • Not providing services for PhD level

  • Slow customer service

  • No real guarantees for revisions or refunds

Despite the well-thought design and fine looking site, there were some things that were still unclear to us about Firstly, why does the service claim to have such high rating on the site when their rating on the Internet is more inclined toward negative? Secondly, what’s with the ‘options for even higher quality’ section and why isn’t there any information about these features and their cost?

All this and much more was revealed after we finally made a purchase, as well as looked at everything they offer to their customers. You can find the information here, in this review.

What Can You Order?

You can order many papers, including projects, presentations, reports, and even letters. What you cannot get is any paper for a PhD level, because the highest level they offer help with is Master’s level. This limits their audience and cuts down your option to use them throughout your entire education, that is if you decide to proceed to Doctoral studies.

That should not be that big of a problem for those who are still undergraduates or graduates because the list is satisfactory and has all you can ask for by the point where you get your Master’s degree, including the dissertation.

Prices, Discounts, & Payment Policy

The pricing is cheap to begin with and even cheaper to those who order more than once. There isn’t an option for new customers to enjoy a lower rate, but this should not be a problem because the pricing is very good to begin with.

Payments here are known to be safe and you can expect to pay a quote that starts at $10 for a page for high school level, $13 for undergraduate level (1 and 2 year), $16 for undergraduate level (3 and 4 year), and $22 for Master’s level.

These prices would not even come in the average category, which raises some red flags for us. Prices that are as low are often a bad sign because they can’t result in highest quality or pay for the best writers. Even so, the best writers are mentioned everywhere on the website, making this a very strange offer.

The discounts apply if you are a regular and can go up to 15% if you order papers that sum up to over $2000.

Is the Quality Good?

The quality is not good on average. Many complain about it, and so do we. We got this essay that came with free features and we also paid extra to get the copies of the used sources, all because we couldn’t get a revision on time. It takes four days or more to get a revision, which is unacceptable for anyone with a deadline. And let’s face it, all who order here have a deadline to meet, which makes that free revision feature worthless.

If you are wondering what was wrong with the paper, we have two answers: plagiarism and mistakes. Mistakes were all over it, making editing almost as long as the writing would have been. Plagiarism was an even bigger problem, which is why we needed those copies of the sources in the first place, since the writer didn’t really bother to cite the things he added in the paper.

How Is the Customer Support?

When it comes to support, fails customers by a lot. They are always there, but that doesn’t really make a difference if you can’t get an immediate revision or even an approval of one. We were asked to wait for a revision approval via e-mail, which we received the following day.

That’s not all. For that service, we were demanding their money back feature, since plagiarism is said to be covered with a guarantee, too. We did not get a refund because apparently, that doesn’t make us eligible for it. What should the writers do to make us eligible for a refund, really?

All of this makes the service a company that falls below average compared to others, and not the best choice for students who want to be certain that they’ll get a good and original paper in time.