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  • They only offer editing services
  • Prices are incredibly high
  • The discount is only $20 on first orders
  • The delivery time is not specified
  • The company is known to delay edits for days

EssayEdge Overview

Essayedge looks really attractive at first sight. Their website is perfectly designed and has just the right amount of information for its visitors. However, the reputation of is very far from the quality of the website. If you take a couple minutes to look at some essayedge reviews, you will learn that the majority of students complain about the same thing – quality.

In this review, you’ll learn the truth about the company and their services. But, before we proceed with an overview of their services and prices, let’s answer the first and most commonly asked question: is essayedge legit?

The answer is a partial yes and a partial no. They are legit in the sense that Essay Edge delivers a service in return for a set amount of money. But, when it comes to quality, most of the essay edge reviews claim that this service is unreliable, scam, or untrustworthy.

Services provided by Essay Edge

Essayedge com is an editing service. This isn’t a place to order a custom paper, which makes our essayedge review slightly different from other reviews we write. Unlike the rest of the companies that combine as many service types as possible, including writing, editing and proofreading, this one only focuses on one thing – editing.

To write this essay edge review, we personally checked the order form to see how they perform their editing services. The website edits all kinds of papers and you can easily request this by providing them with the paper you have. Thankfully, we haven’t read a single essayedge com review that says the company has used their content illegally or repurposed it as they pleased. In this sense, the service is safe.

Still, the poor variety of academic services is a real issue since most students need someone to write papers for them in addition to needing editing help. When that time comes for you, you’ll have to go elsewhere for custom writing.

EssayEdge Prices

The prices are hidden from the visitors of the website. To learn about the pricing, you have to go through the entire order form, provide the website with your paper, present them with some personal information, as well as select all order options you need – only to get a quote as the last step.

This appears very risky and can be frustrating since there are hardly new customers that’d be willing to hand their paper to someone they don’t know without knowing how much the service will cost.

But, we proceeded with this to see how much papers cost here. The website says that the price depends on the word count and academic level. So, we chose the editing option, provided them with a paper, and finally got to the quote. The prices are unbelievable here. A college essay editing costs $149 for anything up to 600 words. This is by far the most expensive editing quote we have seen, not to mention that the most popular writing companies will write such an essay from scratch for a fourth of this quote.


There’s a discount that’s supposed to make things better and it comes in the form of an essay edge coupon. The essayedge coupon gives you $20 off your first purchase. But, considering that the prices exceed a hundred for the smallest paper size, this coupon doesn’t make much of a difference after all.

Apparently, they charge even more if you want the editing to be processed and delivered within 24 hours. This is understandable, but the company doesn’t specify how long it would take them to edit your paper if you don’t choose this option. They don’t have other deadline options. If you order from them, you’d have to wait for delivery which, based on what we read, can be much delayed.

Other Features

There are two options we found when we placed an order. First, you can pay around $60 to get the editing service within 24 hours. When you add this to the quote, the price becomes ridiculously steep. Secondly, you can choose an editor you’ve used before. If that editor isn’t available, you’ll wait 24 hours until he checks your order and approves. Otherwise, you’d have to go through the process again and ask for an editor to be assigned automatically.

Other than this, there aren’t features we found. In fact, most of the key information such as the delivery time is non-existent on the site. Their support was unresponsive in our case, so we didn’t get this information from them.

In the end, our paper was edited and delivered within 7 days. This is too long of a deadline, especially for a quote that exceeds $100 for short editing.


Everything we learned during our evaluation pointed out to the fact that this service is not a good choice. It’s incredibly expensive, which is probably why they have so many bad comments. Here are the reasons why we can’t recommend to students:

  • They only offer editing services

  • Prices are incredibly high

  • The discount is only $20 on first orders

  • The delivery time is not specified

  • The company is known to delay edits for days